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Meeting Place
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Meeting Room
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Breastfeeding During the Holidays

There are lots of excellent reasons to breastfeed. The obvious ones, including superior nutrition and mother-baby bonding are important, but I'm most thankful for my breastfeeding relationship with my son when he's ill. Or just down in the dumps - as a breastfed baby, he's rarely sick.

But it has happened. When he was about 15 months my entire family caught the most terrible stomach bug of all time. The only sustenance my babe wanted and could keep down was breast milk. It nourished his belly and body, and the breastfeeding comforted us both.

Now that the winter season is upon us, and we're getting together to shop, commune and celebrate, odds are you and your babe will encounter germs. While it's unlikely your family will be affected by the norovirus, you can probably count on you, your babe, or someone close to you getting, at least, the sniffles. Rest assured that breastfeeding will help get you both through any rough days. 

And if mom, you get sick, continue to breastfeed your child - you already shared your germs prior to your known symptoms. In short, your babe is exposed. It's very important to continue to nurse as your babe will need the immunological properties of your breast milk more than ever. This is how it works: You get sick > germs passed to babe > babes germs passed back to mom via breastfeeding > magic happens and the breast milk will now contain immunological properties specific to the actual sickness you both now have > babe ingests milk, feels better, gets better faster. Amazing!

Come join us in December (the third Thursday) and bring your questions regarding getting through the holidays with your babes. (Bring any breastfeeding / mothering breastfed baby questions, actually.)

I hope everyone enjoys December and all its holidays!