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Meetings are held on the third WEDNESDAY

of each month

10:00 AM at First Christian Church

on Rivermont Avenue.

Park in the back. The meeting is on the 3rd floor.

Come join us for mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and friendship. See you there!

Meeting Place

Meeting Place
Park in the back lot and go through these doors.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room
We meet on the 3rd floor, on the right.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here's to New Babies!

Hello, Moms! This is Terese, and I'm happy to report that our new addition is doing beautifully and I'm excited to return to monthly LLL meetings beginning next week, with baby girl in-arms.

My intention was to share all my tips and notes with anyone interested. After all, this is my first time having a baby while being so involved in LLL. Instead, I'm going to share one thing now. Here it is: Enjoy the moment.

I know this sounds super zen, and in a sense it is. But many moms will share that mothering a newborn is one of the most challenging things they will ever accomplish in life. Sleep deprivation is difficult! And breastfeeding, while instinctual to mother and baby, may present its own set of difficulties (I figured out my daughter is intolerant to dairy and soy, but not before thinking she was colicky in the evenings through to morning - she's not.) There will definitely be times that moms will want a break. They'll crave it. And that is ok, acceptable and healthy. Yet moms won't always get that break when they most want it.

So, Moms: Avoid falling into the trap of imagining all the cleaning, reading, bathing and sleeping you are going to accomplish while you *think* your babe is about to fall asleep. Chances are you'll do something to rouse baby (or she'll rouse herself), and guess what! You have her wakeful company for awhile longer, and then you are inevitably frustrated. Quite. And sometimes this can lead to an unhappy mama in tears. (This will happen to every mother at least once. At least. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this.)

Close your eyes, breathe, and appreciate that you are at peace *in that moment.* Instead of looking forward to that amazing shower, kiss your baby's head, revel in her scent, love on her. Trust - fully embracing the present will help keep you sane and maybe happier. After all, you never know when she'll gift you with an unexpected sleep - babies are funny in that sense.